Wednesday, September 10, 2008


waa..title entry cm bgs je..
bunyi cm aku nk g sbnrnye xpn..

hrni rmai gila org dtg interview kt cni..maybe bdk2 yg br grad.
dsbbkn aku dok sblh meeting room(yg kdg2 jd tpt utk interview),
so aku perasanla org2 yg masuk..
mcm2 gaya.dr yg baju xblengan smpaila yg tutup semua pn ade..
nmpkla jgk muka2 nerves nk kne interview..
-->t'igt ms nk interview dlu.tkut gak


p/s: xsbr nk tgk my new camera yg br bli dr ebay


nurulshima said...

hi iylia :)

Emmy Dahliana said...

cptla ltk cbox kt tepi bleh pokpekpokpek :P
n, ltk bnyk sket gamba! hihiks
windu ko iylia.. windu sgt2! :(

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