Friday, September 12, 2008

.:Miss You Guys:.

Hmm...Rindu sgt kt member2 skola...miss all d memories in Desa Tun which I've been there for 5 years..aritu for d 1st time, aku pg wedding HEROES...Dh 3 org kwn2 aku kawin dmulakan dgn J.E..J.E was my fren back in Desa Tun and also my roommate back in JMC (Johore Matriculation College).
2nd yg kawin is Dayout, our lovely Head Girl. dia ni leh jgk dkatakn cikgu add math aku yg bgs.thanks dayout sbb ko la add math aku cemerlang :)
3rd--> Sikin..She also was my fren back in Desa Tun...

Ni ade gamba2 sket ms aku pg wedding dayout.slame ni kalo ade gathering xpnhnye smpat aku nk pg.hehe..
so, enjoy dis pics :)

-alamak,Hafiz xsmpt posing-

-wif Toy (roomate f3-f5), Nana (classmate)-

-on d way g rmh dayout-

-HEROES wif d pengantin-

-Dayout & Afiq-

-after 5 years-

-pic wif Hannan(bakal cikgu)-

-kitorg conquer 1 canopy nih-

Maybe after dis we will meet together again...


nurulshima said...

iylia, everybody misses everybody :)

Norhazila Mohd Rafien @ Nani Allen said...

cepat la sapa lg nak kawin.aku kawin sumerg wajib dtg weh.haha!

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