Monday, September 15, 2008

.:New Gadget:.

Dis is my new camera..
shopping kt ebay..almaklum la aku mls nk jln2 skrg ni...buhsan.xde member..


nurulshima said...

nak gak iylia..

sHe pHa said...

baper ko beli ni iylia?
comes with ape lg?
memory card?

IyLia said...

free 1GB memory card+plastic cover LCD+bateries+tripod.
kt kedai lg mhl n dpt kamera je..
so ms surf tu tjmpe ni.tu yg bli

Emmy Dahliana said...

wah bestnyeee
amek la bnyk2 gmba pastu post

mademoiselle ain said...

ilya...bestnye cam baru ko..huhuhu...

sHe pHa said...

adoiyai.bile kpt nak dpt nie?
nak sambar digicam gak sebijik.hu3

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