Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Finally, I get my job at my current company..
Bersyukur sangat bila dah dapat kerja ni.Almaklumla, keadaan ekonomi sekarang pun cam goyah je.. Company ni pun dah sangat2 stabil. Eventhough this company belongs to Malaysian, but it is not famous among the Malaysian people..Mostly our customer are from Australia, US and Singapore. For those yang tak tau aku keje ktne...sini aku ceritakan serba sedikit tentang tempat keje ku ni..

Aku keje kt H.C.i.t.y.S.D.N.B.H.D (sorila ye..hopefully bila org serach nama company ni, diorg xkn jmpe kt blog aku). Our company offers online hotel reservation hotel. We are handle more than 7000 hotels in 400 locations worldwide. So, we are the developers must do all the hotels page for reservation. Kadang2 rasa cam pening je dok ngadap komputer dari pagi smpai petang..power mata aku semakin naik..waa!!kalo makin tinggi, dat means, harga spek aku pn semakin naik..
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