Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boleh ke ni?

Tonite, I will have dinner with my collegues at Sheraton Subang.

Theme for tonite: "Retro 70's"

semua orang dah over excited with this dinner. They rent the costumes from the costume shop. Tapi aku malas nak pergi rent sebab tempat tu jauh. So, aku wat style mix & match baju2 yang ada dalam wardrobe kat rumah ni. Hopefully malam ni aku ikut theme Retro.

Huhu...mix & match


elnadia said...

waaaa~ bestnye ada dinner!! tapi sebab ada theme susah la sket. dah la theme susah tu. ok je tu iylia. yang penting confident! hehe. hv a good day! amik gambar byk-byk!

- syikin d'syinteru - said...

bile nk tarok gmba dinner pulak neyh?
da letak nnti inform aku wokei~

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