Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dinner Pics - Part 1

Overall, our dinner last nite was so happening. CEO kitorg sangat2 la sporting. Event malam tu dimulakan dengan Light Show, Makan2, Dance Competition, Acapella, Comedy from Kong Family (Jangan Ketawa TV3), Best Dress (Man & Woman), and also competition from our event organizer (mcm2 ada!)

Everybody were dressed in Retro 70's. We have Hippie Style, Disco Style, Austin Power, Mix & Match Style, Doll Style and Retro.

Nasib aku malam tu nampaknya kurang bertuah untuk Lucky Draw. Everybody from my table get the lucky draw except for me. They got Parkson vouchers, Tour Package Voucher and also Hotel Voucher. Best nye....Ni yang aku jeles. 1 of them got Hotel voucher in Melbourne. Best2..
Grand Prize for Lucky Draw dapat Flight Ticket+Hotel Voucher in Gold Coast.

enjoy sangat2 malam tadi.Before balik, kitorang beronggeng beramai2 dengan lagu2 70's. Happening gila!! Dah lama xberonggeng. Mlm tadi lepas gian. hehehe

- with K.Sue -

- With K.Wani & K.Noreen -

- K. Im -

- With Myat Thu (Myanmar boy). He wore 70's athlete style -

- with my Team Leader Ying Ying -

- WDs -

- Elvis Presley!!. Feewitt!!! -

- with our manager, Mr Khairi -

- aiya!!!camne boleh same ni??-

- Team Marcomm -

- BDs Team -


elnadia said...

waaa~ glemer abes korang. nk dinner jugak!

nurulshima said...

anda di tag! sila tgk page saye :)

IyLia said...

huhu..mmg glemer..
ms nk jln msuk ballroom, sume mata memandang kt kitorg je..
tp aku pkai biase je

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