Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dinner Pics - Part 2

Here are some of the pics taken from my fren... Looks glamour as Noddy said in previous entry.

with our CEO (Mr Lee)

with mak2 bdk

~ cheers ~

- smile -

- Andy, Feroze & Abe -

- with Elvis -

Mr Khairi (HOD IT), Mr Lee (CEO), Mr Abraham (HOD Finance)

- Rachel, Shiau Ching, Noorlin & Liza -

- BDs -

- Marcomm -

- Rezal & Frens -

- with Noorlin (QC Singapore) -

- Mari beronggeng 70's -


nurulshima said...

d person with d green hair sungguh cute..haha

iylia said...

tu mak org la ronnie

elnadia said...

ramai yang da kawen ke? tinggal ko je yang single, hot la tu babe. hoho.

IyLia said...

yg rambut ijau,pkai topi, tudung pink n tudung sama dgn aku tu dh kawin.
mostly malay dh kawin.chinese n india je yg bujang2

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