Friday, April 10, 2009


Finally, my team leader confirmed me as Permanent staff.
After 3 months probation, my average point is quite good and qualified for incentives.
best2 :)

My manager want me to gain another 5% for next following months. That means, each month I have to hit 160 pts. Very tough to achieve that point. Nampaknye starting next week kenala aku balik lambat je tiap2 hari to hit 160 pts.

Hari ni je dah lebih 10 jam aku keje. Mata ni dah bpinar2 je. Nampak bintang2 kt angkasa. ahahha


nurulshima said...

congrats iylia... beshnye da keje..

stormz said...

mmg best ronnie..
tp dh besar tggjwb

elnadia said...

wahhhh! tahniah! belanja! ^^

my name is Ain said...


stormz said...

noddy: belanja?hahahha..nnt2la bl jmpe

Ain karim: thanks

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