Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hari ni aku ada hotel presentation by Leading Hotel and Taj Hotel. Diorang ni datang from Singapore. Setiap department kena menghantar 2 org utk hotel presentation tu. Ni the 3rd time aku attend hotel presentation.

Basically, diorg akn promote diorg nye hotel ni kat kitorg. Diorg akan cite the overview, target clients, rates and also on how to market the hotel through our reservation system.

Leading Hotel ni sbnrnye adalah 1 brand yg eksklusif. Hotel2 under brand Leading Hotel, LHW ni mostly adalh the most luxurious hotel in the world. Ade jgk certain hotel under dis brand yg x allow children to enter the hotel. Meaning, parents/ couple xbley la nk bwk anak or adik2 diorg masuk dlm hotel ni. Decorations dlm setiap blk pn sgt2 eksklusif, canggih, cantik++.

Dekat Malaysia ni ade 3 hotel yg categorize under LHW brand. The Club at The Saujana (Shah Alam), Carcosa Seri Negara (KL) and The Datai (Langkawi).

For more info about the LHW hotel, you can click this link.

Taj Hotel plak adlh slh 1 hotel group yg besar from India. Usually hotel under Taj Hotel ni ade 1 persamaan.nk tau ape x kwn2?
Iye, the decoration, facilities...sume tu yg canggih2 n cantik2. excited ms tgk presentation td. ni br tgk video, lom lg jejak kaki kt tpt diorg. Malaysia pn ade gak 1 hotel under taj ni, Rebak Marina Langkawi.

Kalo korg nk tau lebih lanjut, leh klik je kt link ni.

After abes presentation tu, diorg ade ks 1 soklan n June from Business department dpt jwb soklan tu. So, hadiahnye adlh 1 set of Molton Brown bath amenities. Diorg gunakn bath amenities ni dlm hotel diorg. Disebabkn hotel pn mewah,bath amenities pn dr jenama yg mewah jgk la.
June ks syampu kt aku. hehe..simpan je la kot.syg nk pkai.


nadia nazifah said...

gila lah~ mst rasa teruja kan mase dorg present tu? aku nk hanimun kt hotel LHW jgk!

farah said...

wuwuwu..best2..bile tah nak dapat menginap kt hotel2 cmtu.ko sponsor aku la iylia.hadiah perkahwinan.ok?

stormz said...

sponsor mne leh.aku pn xmampu nk pg.
kalo tlg tgk n cr kn yg ok blhla.aku leh tgk2 harga n promotion

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