Thursday, May 28, 2009

.:Gambar muda-mudi :.Phase 2

Ni plak gamba2 shooting kitorg 'TEARS OF LOVE' & 'DANIA'

- Awin bsame video cam -

- TEARS OF LOVE crews, actor n actress -

- Ila n Farah (blakon lecturer n student) ;P -

- sempat bgambar tgh shooting -

- gaya seorg director n cameraman :p -

- with Ila Dania -

- still standing -

- majin n arifah (adik ada) -

- one of the scene in DANIA -


nadia nazifah said...

iylia aku rindu sangat2 time tu sume!kalau la boleh berulang balik part tu dlm life aku hahahah mmg best!

stormz said...

aku pn rindu moment2 tersgt enjoy.boleh pg bershooting, jalan2 n bgelak ketawa...

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