Friday, July 24, 2009


My ex-colleague datang melawat kitorg kat ofis last monday and he brought this gummies for us.
Bentuk and color cm gigi. scary je nak makan.

He bought this gummies kat Myanmar - his hometown.
Kalo xsilap aku, kat Malaysia pn ade jual gummies brand ni. ade bentuk burger n pizza.


jai.jezz ^.~ said...

yer.. kat m'sia ada bentuk burger & pizza.. but yang ni cam GELI jerk nk makan.. yerk..

Nadia Nazifah said...

kalo aku pon tak rela nak makan. eeee. ko mkn ke weh? ke simpan? ekekekeke

nurulshima said...

love gummies, esp gummy bears. bentuk ape pun aku akan telan tanpa belas kasihan ;)

1jja1912 said...

euuuuwww.. xnak makan..xnak..

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