Sunday, July 5, 2009

Handball Tournament

Hari selasa yang lepas, Customer Service Department organized handball tournament. IT Dept telah menghantar 3 team untuk tournament tu. Lagipn department aku mrupakan department yg paling ramai.

Kitorg kena main 5 games. Abes sengal2 n sakit2 badan aku ni. dh lama xmain main bola n exercise. ni la akibatnye. 2 hari sakit badan.heheh b4 main aritu pn x warming up btul2. gelak2 je time warming up.

date: 30 June 2009
time: 7pm - 10pm
venue: Sports Arena, Cyberjaya

1st: Customer Service
2nd: Finance
3rd: IT (A)
4th: IT (B)
5th: IT (C) ---> my team :P

6th: BD

- makan dulu b4 main -

- my team except 2 'botak' -

- peace :) -

- with our 2nd big boss (red shirt) -

- geget medal!! -

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