Friday, August 28, 2009

... Dayang's Giveaway ...

First time ni aku join giveaway. Dayang ni mrupakan kawan, ex-housemate,ex-roommate n ahli placenta.

Kalo korg tengok blog dia, banyak sangat hasil2 kraf yg dia buat. keychain, pouch, hp case, wrislet,hairclips, cross stich,baby peasant blouse. semua cantik2.

Dayang, kalo ko baca blog aku ni, sila la kasi aku wrislet. buat kaler purple yg plg cantek ;p. nmpk cm lawa. owh, baby hana tu sgt comel. nk amik dia blh x?heheheh

Kalo korg semua nak masuk giveaway ni pn blh. pegi je blog dayang, n leave your comment there. pastu buat 1 entry pasal giveaway tu.

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