Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Berjogging lagi

Semalam aku pegi jogging lagi. tapi semalam, xla keseorangan sebab ade ofismate join skali pegi jogging. xde la bosan sangat cam 1st time aritu.

Jauh jugakla jogging semalm.more than 1km.Yeah!!

Buat situp sket, pumping sket.nak kuatkn balik abdomen yg dh cm hmm.... (xmao cakap.hehe)


mekarlid said...

Aku pun nak jog jgk la..huhu
tp x penahnye sempat..weeknd ada jek progrm..

stormz said...

aku jogg after keje.lgpn tasik tu dkt sgt dgn opis.lps keje trus cabut g sne

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