Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yay!! Kitorg berdua konvo on the same day. faculty je lain2. xsempat nk jumpe family masing2 sbb aku rushing nak time ye ;p


jai@jezz said...

ehemm..~ ehem...~ siapakah org disebelah mu itu..?

missy suzi said...

iylia..kite hanye sempat btukar senyuman riang ms konvo tuh..congrates ey*hehe.mog kawen cpt.haha~

stormz said...

@jai@jezz: tu org yg aku sygla jezz

@missy suzi: igt nk amik gmba dgn ko ms xbwk kamera. lame lg kot aku nk kawin.duit xde maaa

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