Friday, November 20, 2009

Festive Celebration @ Office

Sape2 yang ade baca twitter aku, korang taula aku ade sebut2 pasal festive celebration ni. Rasanye xterlambat pun untuk kitorg celebrate deepavali for hindu staffs.

After lunch, ramai jugakla yang bawak naik baju2 yang diorg nak pakai malam tu. Even event kecik n simple, tp ramai jugak yang non-hindu excited nak pakai punjabi suit n saree.

This simple event was held at our verandah. Daripada kosong, malam tu penuh dengan cahaya lilin. Deepavali kan "Perayaan Cahaya".

After makan, our BD Manager buat simple game and the winners got hi-tea and dinner voucher at Concorde KL, Holiday Villa n Swiss Garden KL.

"We're 1 Malaysia"

p/s: all the photos taken from my company's facebook

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