Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Education Fair to Y.E.S

Last weekend pegi Education Fair kt Midvalley dengan adik aku. Kitorg jalan2 tengok2 manela tau ade peluang nak further study to higher level. Mostly banyak ipts yg buat exhibition tu and booth diorang semua cantik2. Booth ipta, ciput je.dahla malas nak layan orang yang datang ni. booth pun suram je.xde decoration langsung.

Lepas pegi Education fair tu, buat window shopping sket n beli2 sket baju.heheh...xkanla dah buang masa jalan jauh xde beli sumting kn.haha

Kne kasi reward jugak untuk diri sendri. appreciate ur self!

Dalam beg biru tu penuh dengan pamplet and free gift from the education fair.


Nyam2..lepas dah penat jalan2 n shopping, rehat kejap kat Rasamas. I chose Nyonya set. Ade roasted chicken, rice, vege and also mango juice yang sedap. Slrrrpp...

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