Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Halal Food Issue

Hi Readers..

Kindly help me on this issue..

I've 1 situation:

Ade orang ni dia ade order food for CNY celebration.Caterer cakap food tu halal.but dalam menu lain, ade jugak bende2 xhalal.Then how?


Zephyr said...

Kalau ikut apa yang saya faham dari ajaran ustaz saya, kalau peralatan menyediakan makanan halal & tak halal diasingkan (periuk/kuali/peti sejuk/etc) maka boleh dianggap halal tapi kalau bahan saja halal & peralatan sama digunapakai untuk menyediakan makanan halal & tak halal maka jadi tak halal semu makanan tu...

Isabellmiao said...

I'm a chinese and most of the chinese [i believe the caterer is a chinese] doesn't understand the halal concept. they think that halal means NO PORK. they didn't take into consideration about the way they prepare the food, the things they used to cook the food and bla bla bla.

so it's best if you ask them straight or to be on the safe side, order from a muslim caterer. :)

stormz said...

@Zephyr: btul pn pernah dgr psl tu.

@Isabellmiao: hi.thanks 4 ur comment.i believe chinese doesn't understand the HALAL concept.

Kancilbiru said...

kalau ragu2, tak yah makan terus...minum air jer. ada sorg reader dulu, dia minum air kosong jer..huhuhu

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