Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sape tau cmne nk send SMS via email?

ade reader mintk tlg tunjukkn direction n he/she give me his/her hp no. so i don't want to use my no to send SMS to him/her. i just want to use my email.

Sape2 yg reti blh xtlg aku?Mine is Maxis n Sony Ericsson


ezzati said...

walaa..x reti jgk lorr

farahmckay said...

boleh ke send sms via email kt malaysia? rasanya kat malaysia dorang tak allow lg tapi kt US dah boleh kot. aku biasa buat tapi untuk notification alert. setting dia senang je cuma antara service provider allow dgn tak je.
settingnya yg biasa aku guna is:

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