Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We had Fun

Nasib baik hari ni aku dah dapat upload gambar2 last weekend. Korang tengok jela ye gambar2 masa kitorg pergi Gatsby Street Fair tu.

 - with Gatsby Banner -

- Slam Dunk. Berjaya jugak masuk 4 goals -

- ni langsung xdapat pape.xreti nak baling dat ring -

- mountain -

- waiting for mountain climbing -

- tentera2 merah yang sangat ramai -

- Ready, get set go!! -

- weehuu!!!dapat sampai atas eventhough seluar ketat.heheh -

- Crazy Parking -

- with Foutfeetnine -

Thank you Nuffnang & Gatsby for the great event. Really enjoyed it :)


wawan said...

Audrey sgt chomel kan? geram tengok die.. rasa mcm nak lambung-lambung.. hehehe

stormz said...

mmg comel pn.dh la kecik molek je orgnye :)

budleee said...

owhh i remember you

you were the couple who made it to the top of the Gatsby mountain :D

So cool eh :D

*and you had those black arm covering too

stormz said...

@budleee: thanks 4 remember me :)

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