Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yay!buffered earnings lagi

Wah, berjaya jugak aku dapatkan buffered earnings lagi after lebih 1bulan hilang. Ni gara2 kes ada link competitor Nuffnang dalam blog ni n automatically status Gliterati hilang. Pastu buffered earnings expired and terus jadi metered earnings n plus aku bz sampai xsempat nak update blog ni. So memang xnampak langsung buffered earnings ni. sobsobsob.. :(

Kalo xde buffered earnings, macam manalah aku nak happy2 cash out kan Earning Nuffnang.


ken said...

keep it up =)

saya_arief said...

sungguh bes..

stormz said...

@ken & @saya_arief: Tq n mmg best :)

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