Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Siapa Pergi Tengok Skyline?

Siapa pergi tengok Premiere Screening Skyline malam nanti? Tegur2la ye :) Jumpa nanti

A bunch of young friends are vacationing in Los Angeles at the Marina when strange white lights begin falling from the sky. Something nasty happens to anyone who looks into those lights, by which we mean their face starts turning all red and crispy. After the lights come giant, spider-like spaceships. And out of those come giant, spider-like alien monsters!
p/s: Kalau korang still tercari2 hadiah untuk birthday, anniversary, doorgift perkahwinan & tunang atau pun nak makan coklat homemade, korang bolehla terjah Sweet Cottage. Kami menawarkan pelbagai jenis homemade chocolate dengan harga yang berpatutan.


Que said...

Sy pegi gak..Klu nmpk laki sblh Diana Danielle 2 tegur2 la yek..hehe

stormz said...

@Que: ok,jmpe kt sne :)

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