Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jom kepoci

Petang semalam pergi ofis Nuffnang amik handphone ni. Nantikan update review pasal phone ni ye kawan2.hehe.

Belum habis explore lagi.


cik hani said...

dpt hp dr nuffnanng ke?? syoknyaaa..

xsbr2 nk tahu.. hikhik

Miza Yusof said...

bestnya :)
tahniah ye.
selamat mereview :)

meriahceria said...

wah kak iylia, hebat, dpt hp yeh,...tak sabar tunggu reveiw akaks!..kihkihkih

stormz said...

@cik hani Tunggu review dr sy ye :)

fyra said...

bestnye . macam mane boleh dapat ;p

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