Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jangan Keluar Dari Kereta!

Tadi masa tengah blogwalking, terbacalah 1entry kat blog Irin Putri pengacara Bersamamu TV3. So aku nak share dengan readers kat sini plak.

I was at the sound dub studio last week to do voice over for Bersamamu when our audio editor, Vijay, shared a freaky incident that happened to him that afternoon.

Vijay is a very tall and fit guy with a goatee. One look at him, no one would wanna mess with him. Apparently that isn't necessarily the case.

He was driving and stopped at the red light at the Bangsar slope. An Indian guy on a motorbike knocked on his window. He was about equal size and built as Vijay, dress like a foreman with grease all over his clothes.

He said in Tamil,"there's smoke coming out from your tyre.

Being tall, Vijay just peeked through his window and true enough there was smoke. But he also noticed the guy had an eye-mo sized bottle hidden in his hand and was squirting some kind of liquid to his tyre.

Realizing something fishy was gong on, he didn't get out of the car and told the man that he will look into it.

The man was trying to be helpful by saying,"I think your breaks are leaking. Do you have a jack? I can take a look."

Vijay said,"what's that in your hand?"

That was enough to make him flee and beat 3 red lights ahead!

Upon further inspection, he found out the guy squirted black oil to his breaks. When oil hits hot surface it will naturally produce smoke.

So I wonder, if people can attempt a scam on someone like Vijay, what about us girls? I believe some would panic at the sight of smoke and welcome any kind of helping hand. And then who knows what would happen?

Be extra cautious on the road, people. Always keep the doors locked and never get out of the car when a stranger approaches you even when there you experience technical problem. Wait for help to arrive or if possible, drive to a safer place. (Just Stay In Your Car by Irin Putri)
Berhati2 semasa driving tu ye especially to the ladies. Kalau ada strangers ttibe langgar/ketuk tingkap jangan sesekali keluar.

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saya_arief said...

pergh..bahaya betol..
walaupun dalam bahase omputih, den berjaya memahaminya..yeahhh.

stormz said...

@saya_arief scary je baca. kne careful

Queen F said...

ha'ahh ni elok kalau sebar-sebarkan ni :) berhati2 lah tika memandu, malang itu tidak berbau :D

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