Friday, September 9, 2011

The Covered One!

Pagi2 ni jalan2 baca status orang kat Facebook n aku berminat dengan status sorang member ni. Nak share dengan readers blog ni :)

"A Christian man asked a Muslim man why Muslim women cover their hair and body. The Muslim man smiled and pulled out 2 sweets from his pocket. He opened the first one and kept the other one closed in its wrapper. He threw both sweets onto the dusty floor and asked the Christian man, "Which Sweet would you pick?" The man replied, "The Covered one!" The Muslim man replied, "That's how we treat our Muslim women.". Spread the message of Peace ♥.."

p/s: Kalau korang still tercari2 hadiah untuk birthday, anniversary, doorgift perkahwinan & tunang atau pun nak makan homemade chocolate, korang bolehla terjah Sweet Cottage. Kami menawarkan pelbagai jenis homemade chocolate dengan harga yang berpatutan.

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