Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You're So Fine

Tadi nampak update Oh Bulan  pasal lagu baru - Guba ft Yuna. Nampak nama Yuna, harusla aku nak dengar kan lagu ape yang dia nyanyi. Mostly lagu dia best2.

Lagu You're So Fine - Guba ft Yuna ni memang relax je. Senang nak catch up lirik lagu ni. So aku nak share dekat sini biar korang semua boleh dengar. Enjoy!!

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You're So Fine - Guba ft Yuna

It feels like December
The birds flew across my bedroom window
And the spiral staircase
That we used to hang around 'til 3 in the afternoon

I remember that day
The purple hoodie that you're wearing
And the smile up on your face
Your hair was flowing in the air
As you were sitting by my side
You moved me with your tides

You're so fine
And I wouldn't do anything
To deny you
And I would die for

Oh baby don't despair
You're not alone I'm always there
I wish I was the one who's scared
Of the sickness that you bear
For as long as I could stay
I'll be happy just to see you smile for another day

But you're gone now
Oh so far gone now
Where the trees are green and cloudy grounds it seems
But my time will come
Oh so let it come
Where we'll meet again
Until the end of time

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RazFiRa said...

sedapnye lagu ni :)

stormz said...

@RazFiRa sdp kn :) byk kali sy rewind lagu ni je

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