Friday, May 11, 2012

Latest Phone Scam

Dapat info ni dari blog Mama Zharfan - Scary | Latest Phone Scam. So aku nak jugak share dengan korang dekat sini.

Latest Phone ScamThis is my real-life encounter (8/3/12), phone scam.
1.       I received a call from a Malay lady, number shown on my mobile phone: +25013169.
2.       This lady spoke in Malay, informed that she is from POS Malaysia. She read out my name and IC number, then informed that there were 2 high court letters addressed to me but could not be delivered.
3.       She will fax the letters to a police station, and will request personnel from the police station to contact me later
4.       She gave a reference no. for the letter: 49951, and asked me to check with the police personnel who will call later, to ensure that they are the correct person acting on the correct letters.
5.       10 minutes later I received a call from one lady, identified herself as Madam Cheah, spoke in Malay, saying from Bukit Aman Police HQ. Number shown on my mobile phone: +60322662222.
6.       I know this is a scam, so I purposely spoke rudely to her (asked her to speak louder etc.) She got angry, said that if I don't believe her, to call back the number to verify, then hung up.
7.       I did a search through internet, confirmed that the number +60322662222 is indeed from Bukit Aman HQ.
8.       Instead of using my mobile phone to call back, I used Skype to call the number. A Malay lady picked up the call and I checked with her whether this is Bukit Aman, she replied yes, then I hung up.
9.       Quickly I ran through a few postings in the internet on such scams.
10.   In between, they called again and left "missed" calls.
11.   From postings in the internet, apparently if you called them back using the mobile phone, it will be connected directly to them (the syndicate).
12.   But if you call using landline (Telekom), you will be connected to the REAL Bukit Aman.
13.   So I used the landline and called the number, a male police officer answered the phone.
14.   I told him my story, he confirmed that this is a scam, and said that many victims have already called them today and they are working with the multimedia commission investigating this.
15.   The police officer confirmed that the syndicate is using a phone phishing technique, to make the number appearing as from Bukit Aman when they called.
16.   If you called back using your mobile phone, probably there are someone from the mobile phone company working behind with them, will direct your call to the syndicate.
Sharing the above encounter with you so that you will not fall victim to this latest scam.

Sekarang ni memang kena berhati2 tiap kali orang call sebab kite pun xtau phone call tu betul or scam.

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